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Itronics Award Winning Creative Clean Technology - [ Learn more about Itronics ]

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Itronics, under the leadership of its President, Dr. John Whitney, has developed and is now operating the only vertically integrated, fully permitted facility in the United States, that uses its break through “Beneficial Use Photochemical, Silver, and Water Recycling Technology” to convert photographic liquid waste into pure silver and GOLD’n GRO liquid fertilizers. Itronics is the only company in the world with vertically integrated “zero waste” photochemical recycling technology that produces highly effective liquid fertilizers for agriculture.

Itronics and its President, Dr. John Whitney have received international recognition for developing “zero waste” clean technology that maximizes raw material sustainability for the 140 year old photographic industry and produces highly effective environmentally compatible GOLD’n GRO liquid fertilizers for use in suburban and rural horticulture and agriculture.

  • 2000—Dr. John Whitney was received a Silver Star Award for making a significant contribution to northern Nevada’s Truckee Meadows quality of life.
  • 2000—Dr. John Whitney was selected as Nevada’s Inventor of the year
  • 2001—Itronics was one of five finalists for the 2001 Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Award
  • 2005—Dr. John Whitney honored as “Scot of the Year” by the Nevada Society of Scottish Clans for his work to recycle photochemicals
  • 2005—Itronics awarded second place (IchemE), Worldwide Environmental Awards in London, England
  • 2005—Itronics awarded USA Gold at the International Green Apple Environmental Awards in London, England
  • 2005—GOLD’n GRO was named one of the top 10 new technologies representing the best of agricultural innovation by the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers
  • 2006—Itronics named International Green Hero by the Green Organization, London, England
  • 2007—Dr. John Whitney named northern Nevada Entrepreneur of the Year—Agriculture/Environment
  • 2008—Itronics named Green Company of the Year by the Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET)
  • 2012—Itronics Named Medium Entrepreneurial Technology Company of the Year by NCET Technology Awards

With the receipt of the Kirkpatrick award, the IChemE award, the Green Apple award and now the Green Hero award, Itronics has gained international recognition for its zero waste recycling program for the worldwide Photographic Industry. This major breakthrough for the 140 year old Photographic Industry is an example of technology that can be developed to enable materials using industries to completely convert their waste streams into usable goods. The Photographic Industry can now be a truly “Green Industry” and a world leader in maximizing global resource sustainability and improving agriculture by globally supporting and promoting this leading edge clean technology.



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Recent News (archives)

01/20/16 - Itronics Updates Operation Results and Reports Full Year 2015 Sales

01/07/16 - Itronics' 2015 Fourth Quarter GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer Sales Increased 26 Percent; Full Year Fertilizer Sales up

12/08/15 - Itronics Obtains Funding for Installation and Start up of a New Leach Reactor System

11/19/15 - Itronics Updates Operation Results; Reports Nine Month 2015 Sales

11/12/15 - Itronics Completes Installation and Start Up of New Glass Slag Crusher and Crushed Glass Screening Machine in Its Silver Refinery

10/29/15 - Itronics Reports First Nine Months 2015 GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer Sales Volume Increase; Revenues Down Slightly

10/27/15 - Itronics Wins Manufacturing Excellence Award

10/06/15 - Itronics Ships First Silver Produced by Its New Refining Technology

09/15/15 - Itronics Details Revised Business Plan for Investors

08/11/15 - Itronics Doubles Silver Production Capacity

07/28/15 - Itronics Reports First Half 2015 GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer Sales; Modest Revenue Decline on Increased Volume

0714/15 - Itronics Announces E-Waste Shredder Installation; E-Waste Recycling Feasibility Study Progresses

06/16/15 - Dr. John Whitney, Itronics Founder and President, to Speak at Colorado School of Mines Conference on Recycling Metals From Industrial Waste

06/02/15 - Itronics Reports That Lab Tests Demonstrate KAM-Thio Technology Neutralizes Cyanide in Spent Cyanide Solution

05/19/15 - Itronics Reports 2015 First Quarter Revenues up 6.6 Percent

05/06/15 - Itronics New Silver Refining Furnace Operates at 2100 Degrees Fahrenheit; Reduces Electrical Energy Requirement by 30 Percent

04/09/15 - Itronics Reports 11 Percent Increase in 2015 First Quarter GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer Sales

04/02/15 - Itronics Provides Operations Update, Outlook for 2015

03/17/15 - Itronics Demonstrates Innovative Method to Recover Zinc Powder

01/29/15 - Itronics Details 2014 GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer Sales

01/20/15 - Itronics Announces Discovery of Surface High Grade Zinc-Lead-Silver Mineralization at Its Auric Fulstone Copper Gold Project

11/18/14 - Itronics Third Quarter 2014 Sales Increase 149 Percent on a 251 Percent Increase in GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer Sales

10/28/14 - Itronics' First Nine Months 2014 Total GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer Sales Up 3 Percent Despite Sever California Drought

07/24/14 - Itronics Reports First Half 2014 GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer Sales

04/29/14 - Itronics Reports First Quarter 2014 GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer Sales Approximately Equal 2013 Despite Water Restrictions, Drought

04/24/14 - Itronics Announces Additional Gold'n Gro Fertilizers for Lawns, Plants Now Available on

04/17/14 - Itronics Announces GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer for Lawns, Plants and Berries Now Available on

04/03/14 - Itronics Reports 2013 Full Year Revenues and Outlook for 2014

04/01/14 - Itronics Announces GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer for Indoor and Outdoor Plants and Vegetables Now Available on

02/25/14 - Itronics Announces Breakthrough Invention: New Silver Refining Process

01/15/14 - Itronics Invents Process to Recover Zinc From Zinc-Bearing Brass and Bronze Smelter Flue Dust; Contained Silver and Gold Also to Be Recovered

01/09/14 - Itronics 2013 Fourth Quarter Gold'n Gro Fertilizer Sales Increases 20 Percent; Full Year Gold'n Gro Fertilizer Sales Increases 8 Percent



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