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Itronics Inc. - A cleantech Specialty Fertilizer, Silver and Mineral Producer  

6490 S. McCarran Blvd
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Reno, NV 89510

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~ We own and operate a commercial scale plant (35,000 square foot facility on a 3.5 acre fenced and paved lot) to receive used photochemical liquids, recover the silver and other metals, and convert the demetallized liquids to liquid GOLD'n GRO fertilizer products.

~ Photochemical services operates as a regional business in northern California and northern Nevada, serving more than 100 customers in those markets. A satellite service operation is operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is a large market with at least three strong competitors. We believe we are able to compete effectively based upon pricing and service quality.

~ Growth of silver bullion output is driven by photochemical processing to support GOLD'n GRO fertilizer sales.

~ Our manufacturing plant is presently configured to produce 1.2 million gallons (on a single shift basis) of GOLD’n GRO fertilizer annually (about 5,700 tons) and can be expanded to produce 7.2 million gallons of GOLD'n GRO per year, or about 36,000 tons. Planned expansions to achieve the 36,000 ton volume include increasing both dry raw material and liquid storage, increasing tank truck loading capacity, and automation of certain manufacturing functions. Expansion is being done incrementally as fertilizer sales grow.

~ The equipment being used in the recycling and fertilizer manufacturing process is proprietary information. However, the plant for recycling liquid photochemicals into fertilizer is a fairly typical chemical process facility consisting of an appropriate arrangement of tanks and pumps. Solids produced by processing are recovered by filtration.

~ The refining operation consists of a material handling section, solids drying, and a melting section. The equipment arrangements are proprietary, but the main items are pumps, tanks, filtration equipment, drying ovens, and the melting furnaces.

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